5 Secrets of a Modern Wedding
"A wedding happens only once in a lifetime," the newlyweds like to say, and therefore approach the organization of their personal celebration with great responsibility and serious intentions
And for us, experts in the field of organizing original events, weddings happen every day, and I can confidently tell you that the wedding celebrations that we organize and hold in 2020 are very different from what was even just a year earlier.
Down with the theme - the road to style and sophistication!

It is no secret that in 2019-2020 there was an indestructible desire of the newlyweds to choose some theme for their wedding. But today it is not relevant and simply not fashionable. People are tired of role-playing games, repeating each other's imitations and other scripted entertainments. Already in 2019, we observed wonderful celebrations taking place outside the framework and conventions of a particular topic. Judging by the requests of the newlyweds, the trend of moving away from the topic will only gain momentum in 2020. In other words, a "style wedding" gives way to a "stylish wedding." Increasingly, modern couples want to arrange a warm and cozy holiday in which decor plays a special role, and decoration and decoration create the right atmosphere, but do not draw all the attention to yourself. In more detail, today 5 key trends can be identified.

Camera format

Should I make a wedding on a grand scale? This question is asked by almost all couples who turn to wedding agencies. Today, the answer to it is not so obvious, and it is not only a crisis and an increase in the exchange rate (although he, of course, is making his own corrections). A new style becomes more fashionable, a more domestic "flair". The heroes of the occasion want to gather only the closest ones to spend their personal holiday in the most warm and comfortable company. In addition, the chamber format implies the rejection of many other aspects of external chic and shine, for example, the trend is the replacement of a custom wedding cake with a homemade cake, which is prepared together by the bridesmaids.

Non-standard place

Fatigue by standards and cliches crept not only into the subject. Modern couples no longer want to see their wedding in the banquet hall, they prefer unusual venues: unique, from an architectural point of view, buildings, museums, factories, attics, roofs, farms, wineries, theaters, terraces - whatever! Thus, traditional wedding halls are increasingly left overboard. Together with customers, we are increasingly considering the accessibility of the roofs of city buildings or unusual places in the region. This trend will especially manifest itself with the onset of the summer season, because a wedding in the fresh air amidst raging greenery and under a high sky is the dream of every second modern bride.

Technology and Innovation

But despite the desire for simplicity and naturalness, no one has canceled the use of modern technology. To one degree or another, technological innovations are present in almost any wedding. Depending on what the couple can afford, mapping (projection of the image onto an uneven surface), heavy smoke, and showing 3D films about how the couple met, how they prepared for the wedding are popular. The demand for the same insta-booths is unchanged, where each guest can take a photo for themselves right at the celebration.

Lightness and beauty in detail

Last but not least, the trend is the search for a sophisticated look for your wedding. What the newlyweds just don't go to give their celebration a unique look. In customers' requests, we are increasingly finding calligraphy of scenery decorations, cocktail bars of soft drinks to meet guests, and also exceptional lightness and sophistication in color schemes for decorating a hall or venue. http://bit.ly/2YFtUjA

How to make a wedding perfect?

Of course, it can be very difficult for people to navigate in constantly changing trends and trends, to choose the best cover groups and perfect design. Therefore, the experience of professionals involved in organizing weddings and walking at the forefront of modern trends, is indispensable. And if you want to get a wedding beyond all expectations, look for those contractors who have already proven their ability to do a variety of events. Do not get hung up on the same artists, restaurants and decorators. After all, each couple needs a completely different, individual and truly unique wedding, which will mark the beginning of a long and happy life together, just the kind that the young people dream of.

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